Crop production

As the first phase of the food chain, crop production plays an important role in the activities of the Gyermelyi Holding.

The 9000-hectare field crop production unit has developed over the last fifty years as a result of organic growth and conscious development, fundamentally to fulfil the requirements of animal breeding and food production. Crop production is carried out on rented arable lands on the slopes and hills between the Gerecse and Buda mountain ranges. The crop composition is and has been continuously shaped by the above-mentioned internal needs. The quality of the Gyermelyi pasta is rooted in raw material production.

Crop production significantly contributes to this in two separate areas. On one hand, the best high productivity and quality enhancing Hungarian-breed autumn wheat types are tested here under operating conditions through years’ of close co-operation with the Martonvásár Research Institute of the Hungarian Academy of Sciences. On the other hand, by propagating the types that meet the quality requirements of integration, we provide the proper quality seeds for ourselves and our partners who deliver seeds to the mill. Accordingly, we have a modern seed production plant with a capacity of 10 tons/hour and the full infrastructure necessary for processing the seeds, coupled with pre-cleaning, drying and storage capacities. Due to the size of the area, crop production provides for the above-mentioned seed production as well as 12–15% of the wheat demand of the mill.

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The further evolution of the crop composition is based on the nearly 4,000-hectare autumn wheat cultivation area, and particularly the previous cropping demands of seed production. Therefore, we must opt for the production of the right crops grown previously to autumn wheat, such as peas, rapeseed and sunflower. Poultry farming requires a considerable quantity of hard feed, corn and wheat. We determine the size of the corn field in the crop structure according to the amount of corn required by animal breeding. The gentle, energy-saving, dust and noise-free drying is carried out at three plants, in Tök, Gyermely and Somodor, each with a capacity of 25 tons per hour. The productivity of crop production depends on numerous factors, yet the key is carrying out the tillage, nutrient supply, care and harvesting works at the proper time and at exceptional quality. This is based on a modern and effective pool of engines, machinery and combines. Therefore, the crop production unit of the holding launched a large-scale technical development program in order to increase productivity through a state-of-the-art machine system with uniform appearance. The program was concluded in 2013 with the replacement of the harvesters, allowing for environmentally friendly precision cultivation appropriate to 21st century standards. Recently, the crop production division was expanded with an agricultural centre satisfying all needs. The 7.2-hectare centre in Somodorpuszta includes all the facilities to satisfy the demands of the current day and age. This includes an indoor machine garage, a service station for 4 machines and a hot-water, indoor machine wash.

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