Since we opened the mill, our goal is to produce superb quality flour,
and since then, the consistent work has yielded its fruit: we provide the pasta factory and our baking industry partners with top quality flour.


The two major raw materials of pasta production are pasta flour and eggs. Both are of key importance to the quality of the product.
Fresh eggs have been produced in Gyermely since the very beginning, yet we have only been active in the field of milling since 1989. The old mill had a capacity of 120 tons a day, grounding the wheat with Hungarian machines. The relationship between the Centre for Agricultural Research of the Hungarian Academy of Science and the Gyermelyi Holding is crucial for the production of milling ingredients, as the quality of the flour depends mainly on the wheat. Only healthy, pure and appropriately stored wheat with good baking industry qualities can be used to produce outstanding flour with consistent quality. It is not as simple as it sounds. The Martonvásár institute offers a range of flours with high gluten content as well as premium quality seeds from its selection.

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The crop production branch of the holding propagates the seeds and processes them in its seed plant. The mill supplies the sealed seeds to the members of the production system consisting of 250 producers. Therefore, the farmers grow the wheat from controlled seeds using our recommended technology and the wheat is classified upon harvesting and subsequently stored according to different quality grades. A modern wheat storage silo was built at our central site with a capacity of 100,000 tons. All silos are equipped with a cleaning line which guarantees consistent quality. The mill aims to cover its entire annual flour production demand from internal wheat production. A wheat map is made after harvesting, which contains the most important parameters of all types of wheat stored in company-owned silos and those of the producers. In light of this data, we can methodically mix the different batches to maintain the consistent quality of the flour throughout the year.

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Since 2013, two mills have been operating at our site in Gyermely. The capacity of Mill I, achieved after the reconstruction works of 2001, is 300 tons of soft wheat a day. Opened in 2013, Mill II is capable of milling 200 tons of soft wheat and 150 tons of durum wheat a day. These are considered optimum-size, large mills in Hungary. The two units mill 140,000 tons of wheat a year and thanks to the special technology, 30–32% of this quantity is suitable for producing industrial flour, depending on the quality of the soft wheat. Just as in the case of normal wheat, the company monitors durum wheat from the seed stage. Mill II has exceptional output, capable of supplying durum grist for our self-produced range of durum Vita Pasta. The grinding is computer-controlled and thus the manpower needs of the units are minimal. The environmental impact of the mill is also minimized thanks to the efficient air filtering equipment. The Swiss Bühler technology used at the plant is hygienic, safe and economical.

The mill operates an integrated ISO 9001, IFS quality assurance and HACCP food safety systems. Gyemelyi Zrt. produces industrial flour, fine flour, bread flour, half white bread flour, strong white bread flour, nutritional semolina and durum semolina for industrial and consumer clients. These are distributed in bulk, in sacks or in retail packaging. We deliver the bran produced during the grinding in bulk and also in sacks to feed manufacturers, yet there is also considerable internal use of the various types of bran.

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