Pasta production

Good pasta fundamentally requires three basic things:
Superb raw materials, outstanding technology as well as the human element capable of operating it, that is expertise.


The personal flavours of the cuisine of Hungarian housewives have been successfully captured in Gyermely through modern technology and the demanding production process. Thus it is no coincidence that Gyermelyi pasta is Hungary’s market-leading brand. The vertically structured, quality-oriented, integrated system of Gyermelyi Holding, which covers the entire product life, played a prominent part in achieving this position of flattering customer trust.
All raw materials are sourced from the holding. We monitor the processing of wheat from the germination of the seeds and thanks to the closed system of quality demands, the mills of Gyermelyi supply the pasta factory with excellent flour. The other raw material, the egg, is also monitored in a closed system, from the level of day-old chicks. Animals are reared on our own feed, which ensures eggs of outstanding content, which are guaranteed to be used fresh, after a strict and rapid selection process, for the production of Gyermelyi pasta.

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The impeccable technology is guaranteed by the recently reconfigured factory, which is considered to be one of the most advanced facilities in Europe. The pasta factory currently features four modern, Pavan and Bühler computerized production lines yielding 150 tons of pasta a day. The pasta production lines are supplied with industrial flour and durum grist through the flour mixer facility, which fully guarantees consistent quality. The same can be said of liquid eggs. Freshly opened, after cold storage, the production lines are supplied with liquid eggs from the egg-processing facility through a pipeline. The pasta coming from modern pasta production machines is packaged by automatic packaging machines, after which remote controlled transfer carts store them in one of the fully automated high-rack warehouses featuring a total capacity of 20,000 pallets.
Apart from the high-tech standards and excellent raw materials, the human factor spanning over forty years of production experience and the professional staff managing the machines also plays a key role in the production of the market-leading Gyermelyi pasta.


The products of the pasta factory can be sorted into five different groups. Two of our product groups are distributed under the Gyermelyi brand. The most important is the four-egg pasta produced in a total of 23 different shapes, which represents a major part of the company’s turnover in Hungary. We offer our eight-egg pasta for the lovers of traditional Hungarian cuisine in 6 different formats in flat-bottomed packaging welded on four edges. Our durum pasta products, made with impeccable self-produced durum grist, are distributed under the brand name Vita Pasta. This product range is recommended for the fans of Italian cuisine, while the products enhanced with vegetables, made as a result of our continuous product development, are recommended for pasta salads. Our single-egg pastas were launched on the market under the Donna Pasta brand. These are produced containing the same premium quality industrial flour and fresh eggs as other Gyermelyi pasta, yet, due to the lower egg quantity, we can offer our customers lower price pasta with excellent value for money.

Our four types of egg-free pastas were created due to changing demands, with the intention of providing a decent product for those seeking low-price pastas.
The domestic market is of key importance for the Gyermely pasta factory: we primarily focus on the demands of Hungarian customers during the product development and production processes. However, export is continuously on the rise and the pasta factory to be constructed in 2017 will cater to the needs of foreign market expansion. The pasta factory operates an integrated ISO Food and HACCP quality management and food safety system that guarantee the quality of our products.

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