Social responsibility

We believe that companies of means with a long-term mission on the Hungarian market have certain obligations.
Responsible Hungarian businesses cannot be indifferent towards poverty in the country, which has intensified due to the financial crisis. We believe that companies of means with a long-term mission on the Hungarian market have certain obligations. This approach is an essential part of our corporate culture. The company has received requests in such numbers and volumes that would be impossible to fulfil, both physically and morally. That is why the management has decided to carry out its mission through a designated charity organisation. Every year, we deliver product donations worth tens of millions of Hungarian Forints to the Hungarian Maltese Charity Service. The organisation has the necessary IT system and distribution network to effectively reach out to the most socially deprived individuals.
Through these ties and additional channels, HUF 200 million worth of Gyermelyi pasta, flour and eggs have been donated to the needy over the past ten years. Additionally, we support associations, non-governmental organisations, cultural and sporting events as well as institutional investments in our immediate surroundings.
We regularly take part in the Donation Convoy scheme. As part of this drive, we continuously supply over 100 non-governmental organisations with a significant amount of Gyermelyi products through the Hungarian Food Bank Association. The organisations in question mainly organise events and provide meals for disadvantaged children.
This is our way of expressing our gratitude for the loyalty Hungarian consumers have shown towards our company over its more than half-century long history.
We seek to uphold social values, not just through our donations, but also during our business operations.
Through our investments, we pay special attention to procuring modern equipment with the most favourable emission parameters. This was a crucial factor in the decision-making process tied to the pasta factory and mill investments. As Hungary’s greatest egg producer, our manure treatment practices are considered highly advanced, even at the European level. The resupply of organic nutrients is of great importance during our crop production practices, as is the use of those plant protection products which put the smallest possible strain on the environment.
During our external procurement procedures, we strive to make purchases from Hungarian partners, if we manage to identify any relevant Hungarian offers.
We operate a closed system of Hungarian integration for the procurement of our most important raw material, wheat. Therefore, beyond the families of our employees, we provide stable support and a market outlet for thousands of Hungarian families through our 250 Hungarian wheat producer partners.
We are proud that the holding has much lower staff turnover rates than the industry average and we have been working with a stable team for decades. Our reliable, dedicated and diligent employees are the very foundation of our progress. We seek to maintain our levels of HR competitiveness through regular professional training sessions. We organise health-preservation and health screening programs, and we are one of the first “Non-smoking Companies” in the country.