Company news

Gyermelyi Egg Ltd., as part of the Gyermelyi Group, is producing and selling fresh hen’s eggs. The company produces 130 million eggs a year – 70 million of which is processed by the pasta factory, and the remaining 60 million eggs are sold by Gyermelyi Zrt. to retail chains, wholesalers, traditional markets, small shops and foodservice.


Fresh egg is being delivered from the company's egg packing plant to customers under their private label brand or Gyermelyi brand names, packed on trays or in 10 pcs boxes.


Within the framework of the development, Gyermelyi Egg Ltd. is planning to build a new laying house next to the existing two laying houses on the same farm. New facility will be able to accommodate and supply 141,120 laying hens.


The new barn designed for the site of Gyermelyi Egg Ltd. is the most available up - to - date technology. With the capacity increasement, the company can expand to foreign markets, so it can help during the periods of domestic oversupply and in addition it can ensure sales growth.


The company’s goal is to secure high level of animal safety and animal welfare, so it’s important to reduce animal mortality as a result of the new ventilation technology in the new laying house. This new facility can also help to reduce the environmental impact.