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A new grain storage system is being built at Gyermelyi Company Group

The 40,000-tonne grain storage system will be built from nearly 9 million euros to serve the growing milling capacity.The new storage system, which provides automatic loading-unloading, cleaning and ventilation, significantly increases the grain storage capacity.

After the new investment, the company will be able to store nearly two-thirds of the wheat needed for annual milling on its site.

The feeding and rotation capacity is 200 t / h.

The new third mill, which will be handed over this spring, will significantly increase the milling capacity and the sale of flour in Gyermely, which will lead to the expansion and quality improvement of grain storage.

 With this investment, the large-scale development of milling at the Gyermely Company Group will be completed, so that the three modern mills will be complemented by a system, which is suitable for storing, moving and cleaning raw materials in order to the right quantity and quality of the products.