Pizza flour

As a result of the careful grinding process and repeated sieving, Gyermelyi pizza flour differs from other common types of flours in its content values. The bright colour of the product is due to the low ash content and is characterized by high quality gluten.

Dough made from Gyermelyi pizza flour will be easily and well stretched, which is essential during pizza making.


In addition, our pizza flour is an excellent ingredient for traditional flat bread and other Italian-type bakery products.



Pizza flour

Gyermelyi Holding is committed to producing safe,
Hungarian foodstuffs of exception quality and satisfying the broadest range of consumer needs.

The majority of our products are made from self-produced raw materials, which ensures careful selection,
outstanding quality and delicious flavours. In the following, you can browse our range of products
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For the Gyermely mill’s largest clients, superior quality products are of particularly importance. In order to meet this demand, Gyermelyi Holding has established an efficient, self-contained system of wheat production. The quality enhancing, autumn wheat lines are bred by the Centre for Agricultural Research of the Hungarian Academy of Sciences. Seeds are cultivated on our own land, then processed and bonded at our seed factory. Some of the seeds are subsequently planted on our own farms, and the rest in self-contained plots. The wheat intended for consumption brought back from our farms and plots is itemized, graded and stored in silos according to the various categories, ensuring consistent quality and suitable raw materials all year round. Thanks to our self-produced seeds, technology and quality bonuses paid to producers, we have perhaps the best quality wheat in the region.