egg-free Hornlets

Hornlets pasta is a great choice for saucy dishes. It is popular in beef stew or pasta salad.

packaging: 400 grams
allergenic ingredients: gluten, may contain traces of eggs.

egg-free Hornlets

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Egg-Free Pasta

These are egg-free pasta products made from top quality industrial flour typical of the Gyermelyi brand. The raw materials which are carefully monitored from the level of seeds and the latest production technology ensure the reliability of the final product. The product range consists of the most popular forms of pasta used as side dishes – spaghetti, hornlets, egg barley and spindle. The products represent the pinnacle of the egg-free pasta category with an outstanding price-quality ratio. Their cooking time is less than that of egg-based pasta. Thanks to their reliable quality and reasonable price, they quickly gained popularity on domestic and foreign markets alike.