four-eggs Small shell

Small shell pasta is perfect for vegetable soups, as a side dish or even a main dish with a sauce.

packaging: 500 grams
allergenic ingredients: eggs, gluten

four-eggs Small shell

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The majority of our products are made from self-produced raw materials, which ensures careful selection,
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Four-Eggs pastas

The most popular product range of the market-leading Gyermelyi pasta is the four-egg pasta, accounting for the majority of the company’s production. The 23 various shapes of four-egg pasta include shapes for soups, side dishes, salads and even desserts. The pasta is made from our self-produced raw materials: special industrial flour from the mill in Gyermely and fresh eggs produced at our own hen-houses. Fresh eggs ensure that our four-egg pasta has excellent cooking characteristics, high water-absorption levels, springy texture and rich, delicious flavour. Thanks to the vitamins, fully digestible protein, optimal fatty acid content and minerals of the eggs, our egg-based pasta provides the body with extra nutritional value and thus rightfully belongs to the premium segment of the pasta market.