Gyermelyi Holding is committed to producing safe,
Hungarian foodstuffs of exception quality and satisfying the broadest range of consumer needs.

The majority of our products are made from self-produced raw materials, which ensures careful selection,
outstanding quality and delicious flavours. In the following, you can browse our range of products
and read additional information on our goods.

Special Shapes

As the market-leader, we feel it is important for our supply to cover as many pasta categories as possible. Our two unique products cater to those who prefer premium and “light-hearted” products.
Lasagna is a classic staple of Italian cuisine. The manufacturing and packaging of this product requires special attention and care. The hand-packaged Gyermelyi lasagna made with a traditional drying technique is unquestionably a premium product, concerning both its appearance and content.
The animal shapes of our Fairy-tale Pasta cater to our youngest fans, making pasta-eating an even greater joy. The product is made of durum wheat flour without the addition of eggs.


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