Vita Pasta Penne

Penne is a lovely, flexible pasta shape which can absorb sauce and is easy to eat with a fork, which makes it a firm favourite with children. It is safe to use for ragout dishes and pasta salads.

packaging: 500 grams
allergenic ingredients: gluten, may contain traces of eggs.

Vita Pasta Penne

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Vita Pastas

Offering a variety of 8 different shapes, Vita Pasta products are made using durum wheat without eggs. The durum wheat which clearly defines the nature of the product is monitored from the stage of seeds and the grist is produced at our own mill, thus guaranteeing an exceptional level of quality. The Vita Pasta name stands for a light, Italian-type pasta with high water-absorption levels, making it an economic choice. These tasty and flexible, yet resilient products form an important and delicious part of a cholesterol-free diet. As these are convenience products, it is important that the cooking time is shorter than that of traditional pasta which makes them perfect for a wide range of fast and easy-to-make dishes. The range includes two types of pastas enriched with spinach and tomato, mainly recommended for pasta salads.

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