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At Gyermelyi, we cultivate our own ingredients and package the products ourselves. Gyermelyi products are crafted with heart and soul, alongside decades of expertise, to ensure excellent quality pastas, flours, and eggs to fill the consumers’ baskets and tables!


Pasta production

We work with automated systems that communicate with each other. The pasta production lines are combined with modern packaging machines to meet the most diverse packaging needs.

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Crop production

Crop production, as the first phase of the food production chain, plays an important role in the activities of Gyermelyi Holding. Crop production, as the first phase of the food production chain, plays an important role in the activities of Gyermelyi Holding.

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Since the start of the plant, our goal has been to supply the pasta factory, our baking industry partners and consumers with flour of impeccable quality.

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Poultry farming

The Gyermely valley has a historical tradition of animal farming. The egg segment produces 170 million eggs annually, of which 90 million are sent to the pasta factory and the rest are sold to industrial users and retailers in packs according to customer demand.

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Establishment of the cooperative
In 1953, 12 farmers found the Petőfi Cooperative. The winds of the 1956 Revolution and War of Independence blew the loose cooperative apart, but in 1959 the cooperative was re-established with 120 members.
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Construction of a pasta factory
The government passes a decision on building a pasta factory and starts looking for a location. Gyermely’s reputable cooperative undertakes the task and is granted the opportunity.
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Industrial background expansion and mill construction
By the 1980s, farming was taking place within the boundaries of four villages. In 1989, the plant with a daily capacity of 120 tonnes is successfully commissioned, thus establishing a new industry.
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The decade of transformation
At the change of regime, the cooperative becomes a stock company. Soon a new feed plant is set up to serve poultry farming. By the turn of the millennium, the farm was already operating on 9500 hectares.
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Technology developments
In three years, a state-of-the-art plant with the latest production lines, packaging technology, a high-tech pasta factory, flour mixer, and automated warehouse will be built to meet 21st-century needs.
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In continuous development
The new mill, inaugurated in 2013, is capable of grinding not only soft wheat but also durum wheat, bringing the production of the last important raw material for the pasta factory in-house.
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Expansion of crop production
Crop production will be expanded with a modern agricultural centre to meet the long-term needs of the sector.
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New plants
Two plants start operation in Gyermely: a modern feed factory and a new pasta factory.
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Our latest developments
Three mills are now grinding in Gyermely. Wheat storage capacity is being expanded to safely serve the increased milling capacity. And Hungary’s largest laying hen-house is at the service of egg production.
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