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We believe that opportunity also comes with obligation. This approach is an important part of our corporate culture.

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Our objectives

In addition to efficient operation, an important part of our company’s mission is to provide our consumers with high quality food, to take responsibility for society and our employee community, to protect our environment and to ensure sustainable management.

We strive to increase customer satisfaction through continuous development. To achieve this, we operate efficient, regularly monitored quality management systems, using state-of-the-art technologies, to produce high quality, safe food for our consumers. We operate our product paths competitively even by European standards, establishing the conditions for efficient operation and international market expansion.

Strong workplace community

The most important cornerstone of our company’s decades of success is our dedicated workforce. We value our employees, and in addition to competitive wages, we provide modern working conditions, regular training, recreational programmes, health screenings, housing and other benefits to strengthen the community, in close cooperation with local advocacy groups.

We are proud of the fact that the Holding has a much lower turnover rate than the industry average, and we have had a stable team for decades. Reliable, committed and hard-working employees are the foundation of our development.

We were among the first to become a “No Smoking Company”.

Regular cooperation with NGOs

Supporting those in need is part of our social responsibility. The most important partner of the company’s management in this is the Hungarian Charity Service of the Order of Malta, to which we make a significant donation of products every year. The Charity Service has an information system and distribution network through which it can effectively reach the people most in need.

We regularly participate in the Donation Convoy programme. In this context, a significant amount of Gyermelyi products are continuously distributed to more than 100 NGOs through the Food Bank. Most of these organisations organise programmes and provide meals for disadvantaged children.

Year after year, through the ÁGOTA Foundation, we support children in state care and foster care, as well as the institutions that care for them.

Through these and other relationships, more than HUF 200 million worth of Gyermelyi pasta, flour and eggs have reached those in need over the past ten years. We also regularly support associations, NGOs, cultural and sporting events and institutional investments in our local area.

With the above, we wish to honour the trust that our company has earned from Hungarian consumers over more than seven decades of its history. We strive to preserve the values of society not only through our grants, but also through our economic activities.

Environmentally-conscious farming

When investing, we pay particular attention to the procurement of modern equipment with the best emission parameters, which is a key decision criterion in the development process.

As the largest egg producer in Hungary, our manure management practices are state-of-the-art even by European standards. A significant volume of the manure produced on our livestock farms is stored under cover and inoculated with bacteria, both to improve its utilisation and to reduce the unpleasant odour when applied. In crop production, organic nutrient supplementation plays an important role, significantly reducing the use of fertilisers and thus the amount of chemicals that end up on the land. By applying precision farming, our crop production also applies targeted crop protection practices, in line with the condition of the land and the crop, with the lowest possible environmental load.

We are also committed to carbon reduction. We are already producing green energy from solar panels on one livestock farm, which we will soon extend to all our farms. A 2.5 MW solar power plant will be built at the central site. This means that from 2024, nearly 20% of the Holding’s electricity needs will be met by renewable energy.

We are also continuously reviewing our operations and implementing energy efficiency programmes to reduce our ecological footprint.

Employment of Hungarian families

We operate a closed, Hungarian integration in the procurement of one of our most important raw materials, wheat, thus through our 250 Hungarian wheat-producing partners, we provide a secure background and a market for thousands of Hungarian families in addition to the families of our employees.

In our investment projects, we strive to buy from Hungarian partners where there is a relevant Hungarian offer.

Our investment projects in recent years have also been implemented through the work of Hungarian engineers and contractors.