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Since the start of the plant, our goal has been to supply the pasta factory, our baking industry partners and consumers with flour of impeccable quality.

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The two key basic ingredients of pasta production are flour and eggs. Both are of crucial importance to the quality of the product.

The quality of flour depends mainly on the wheat, which is why we cultivate a relationship with the Agricultural Research Institute of the Hungarian Academy of Sciences. We are well aware that only healthy, clean, properly stored wheat with good baking properties can be used to produce excellent, consistent quality flour.

The farmers grow the wheat from controlled seed grain, and the harvested wheat is classified and then stored according to different quality classes. All wheat storage facilities are equipped with a cleaning line, which is a prerequisite for maintaining good quality.

We grind in more mills, in three as of 2023. Mill #1 processes 300 metric tonnes of soft wheat per day, while Mill #2 processes 200 metric tonnes of soft wheat or 200 metric tonnes of durum wheat per day. Mill #3, completed in 2023, grinds 300 tonnes of soft wheat per day.

With the delivery of the third mill, total milling capacity has increased to 800 tonnes per day, the highest in Hungary within one site. Currently, the three plants mill 165,000 metric tonnes of wheat per year, which, thanks to the special technology applied, can produce 30-32% industry flour, depending on the quality of the soft wheat. As with soft wheat, durum wheat is also monitored from as early as the seed stage. Mill #2 provides high quality durum semolina for our own Vita Pasta durum product.

The grinding is computer monitored, meaning that the plants’ manpower needs are minimal. Thanks to the efficient air cleaning equipment, the environmental load of the Gyermelyi mills is also minimal. The Swiss Bühler technology applied is hygienic, safe and economical.

Gyermelyi Zrt. produces industrial flour, fine flour, bread flour, half white bread flour, pastry flour, semolina, wheat germ and durum semolina for industrial users and consumers. These are distributed in bulk, in sacks and in retail sizes as well. We deliver the bran produced during the grinding in bulk and also in sacks to feed producers, but there is also considerable internal use for the different types of bran.