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We work with automated systems that communicate with each other. The pasta production lines are combined with modern packaging machines to meet the most diverse packaging needs.

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Great pasta requires three basic things: excellent ingredients, impeccable technology, and the human factor that makes it work: expertise.

Anyone who visits us in Gyermely will immediately see that we have all three in abundance. Our mission is to carry the centuries-old traditions of Hungarian cuisine into the present and the future through modern technology and coordinated production. Thanks to our enthusiasm, our drive for innovation and our focus on high quality, we can do this as Hungary’s leading brand. To achieve this market position, our vertically structured, quality-driven system that manages the entire product lifecycle is essential.

We control the entirety of the wheat pipeline, from as early as seed grain production. This is how the Gyermely mills deliver excellent flour to the pasta factory. The other basic ingredient, eggs are also checked all the way from day-old chicks. We feed the animals with our own feed to ensure that our eggs are of excellent quality. Thanks to a rigorous selection process, we use our own eggs, of impeccable quality and guaranteed fresh, to make our pasta.

Our plant is among the most modern facilities in Europe. The pasta factory can produce up to 300 tonnes of pasta per day on computer-controlled production lines. The flour and the durum semolina arrive to the pasta production lines via a pipeline directly from an automatic flour mixing plant. The raw material is also piped from the egg breaking plant to the production lines, freshly cracked after cold storage. The pasta is packed by automatic packaging machines, and we have a fully automated high-bay warehouse with a capacity of 20,000 pallets in total.

In addition to technical quality and excellent basic ingredients, the human factor plays an important role in the quality of Gyermelyi pasta; we have more than five decades of production experience and our staff operating the equipment are excellent professionals.

Our pasta products can be divided into five groups.

The most significant of these is the four-egg pasta produced in 22 different shapes, which accounts for a dominant part of the company’s turnover in Hungary.

We offer our eight-egg pastas to lovers of traditional Hungarian cuisine in 6 different shapes in resealable packaging.

Our durum pasta products are distributed under the brand name Vita Pasta, for which we also produce the durum ingredient ourselves. We recommend this range for those who love Mediterranean cuisine and our vegetable enriched products for pasta salads. Our Integrale range of wholemeal products are also made from durum wheat.

Our one-egg pastas are marketed under the brand name Donna Pasta. These products are made from the same premium quality industry flour and fresh eggs as our Gyermelyi brand pastas, but the lower egg quantity allows us to offer them at lower prices, but still presenting excellent value for money.

Our egg-free pasta, available in four different shapes, was created as a reflection to changing demands. With this particular brand, we intend to provide a fair quality product to those in search for low-price pastas.

For the Gyermelyi pasta factory, the domestic market is key: in product development and production, we primarily take the needs of Hungarian consumers into account. However, exports are expanding dynamically, and the pasta factory built in 2018 is already serving the interests of foreign market expansion. The pasta factory operates an IFS Food and HACCP integrated quality management and food safety system, which guarantees the quality of the products produced.